Reviews for "Sea of Grass"

Nicely done, Troisnyx. Has that upbeat feeling of being out in the sun and enjoying everything around you. I especially like how well you made the loop. It was subtle enough that I had to replay it to make sure I heard it.

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thanks ^_^ Admittedly, when I made Version 1 of this loop, it couldn't loop properly because cymbal sounds don't carry over in loopable projects for some reason. I wound up doing the same thing as I did for Through the Woods I -- have the chimes carry over to bar 1. Personally, with the general feel of this piece, I prefer cymbals, but this had to do.

Glad you liked it!

Sounds like something I'd like to hear in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. It would fit to the Exploration/Victory type of setting perfectly there. Love the song. :D

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks! ^^

Wow! Very impressive! Lovely song!
You said: "I'm not sure anymore if this was for a long, grassy plain or some grassy floating islands". When I listen this music, I remember some stages of islands from the game Illusions of Gaia, and the stage "Palace in the sky". But it is nice for a grassy plain too :)

Super ene ecoutant cette chanson je me croirais dac^^ns un Rps 5 etoiles bravo mec.

Troisnyx responds:

Merci ^_^ Et au fait je suis une fille.

What a beautiful piece. This is truly outstanding. Nice Job.

5 stars for sure.