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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

this sucked

this is a peice of crap its so short and it sucks

wut the??

Dude, this sucks.


uhhhhhh. What??? That was stupid and pointless. That had no point what so ever... at least in my opinion.


Uhh...dude...now the idea of the joke you were going for is funny. Main characters seem to have the "authoritay!" to enter a random house in a village, open up the cabinet, and steal the Elixer that was meant for the dieing old man upstairs, but you lacked in how you should've done the flash. Better luck next time! :)

Well it's pretty good

but "Suitable for all Ages" isn't the thought I had with this.I gave it a 1 on violence because of that balls remark and violent Flatulence