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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"


yea, it never seemed like no one had a problem with link just barging into their house, but apparently some people have gotten fed up with it...good job

F*ckin' Hilarious

Oh My God!!! I have seen all of your Zelda Movies, and they are funny.. but this one surpases the other two. I THOUGHT THIS WAS SO FUNNY!!! Great work on it, I cracked up like crazy.... hope to see more outta ya, if you wind up with more time on your hands

I often wondered about that.

Most anybody, when you walk into their house, will either threaten to beat the fuck out of you, or just call the cops on your ass. Just not in videogames. Until now, at any rate. That shit was dope! Mad props!

Hon wtf?

um...lol that was awesome! Link the Freeloader wat a orginal title and idea. I totaly respect u 4 that. hmm el fin? awesome i speak spanish but not french...Yet still an awesome flash! Keep up the good work! ^-^

Heh Freeloader

I thought it was pretty funny,.kinduv short though.
was hoping the lady would throw something at link.