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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

good job man!

a little short, but other than that, fucking hilarious!

That is so true!

In all RPG's the main character can just barge in and do whatever he/she pleases. I've noticed that in real life, one cannot do this without major consquences! The whole thing was funny from the Pretendo to Link being reconized for his freeloading. The best part about this though is that the house in this movie is actually Link's house in the game A Link to the Past!

Funny movie but...

Problem is, is that if u couldnt go into a house than why bother to put it into the game? For detail? i dont think so. notice that mostly everything in the game u use or try to avoid. Even those damn trees have a purpose to block your road and get u pissed off!!! lol. As i said funny movie.


lol ive tried it...

lol i did that exact thing once and even forgot to flush... oh it was funny i wasn't threatened to get my balls ripped off, they were just kicked.. oh don't try it!!

good video!!


Now that was something to laugh at. Awesome job dude;-)