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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

Very funny

that was sweet, i wish people would do more gameboy/NES/SNES parodidys, cause they are cool.


I swear, I must contain myself, because the scene after Link stunk up the couple's house, nearly made me bust a gut! Daammnn! Randy, another spoof, and it was some funny crap. As much of a Zelda fan as I am; yeah, Zelda is like my all time passion next to .hack, but this... It was just another great piece with the morbid humor I just so love. I don't know how you do it, but you've litterally got me in stitches. *Grins*

BTW: To some of the reviewers. For hell's sake, if you're going to review, PLEASE review with content that is of importance, intelligence, and makes sense (Something that isn't utterly pointless). Don't make me blow the hypocrisy horn. And for all that is holy, LOOSE THE CHATSPEAK! Thank you.

omg!!!!! its so funny

what more can i say its funny

good job =o

a sweet lil movie, and true, he keeps bargin into everyone's house! D:


Yeah, and also in RPGs you steal other peoples stuff when they're there and they don't do anything about it! They even give you tips!"Oh, thank you for burglarizing my home,breaking my priceless vases and torturing my chickens! As a reward, I'll give you a tip!You can take anything you want!In fact, take the whole house!"!