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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"


This was an awesome movie! The sound was a little glitchy and she never really ripped his... you know! Just watch it!


That was THE funniest flash i have seen in awhile even more so than a big black guy named ben!!! its so true i gave it a high violence rating because of taht VIOLENT shit he took WHEW


i good hahhaha it is good!!!!

Diarrhea at it's worst!

I thought this movie was hilarious! The creator of the movie DOES have a point. Anybody who's ever played an RPG before has noticed the insane freedom of entry before, I'm sure. I still laugh my ass off when link goes to the crapper!

Very Good

I really enjoyed that. I was suprised because I figured that it would be a lower quality movie because of the small file size but I was VERY wrong. It was well made and the sound effects were very ummm..... realistic lol. I highly reccomend it. Great job.