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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

not funny just crap

From the reviews I read i was expecting this to be good, well it's not.


I think this is your funniest flash about Link, better than the other two. I laughed through the whole thing, couldn't help it....it was funny how these people were cussing out Link cause he was so rude. For a change, these people are getting mad, rather than just being all nice, friendly, and passive about Link visiting them. The length was good, not too long, not too short. Way to go! The only reason I didn't give you a higher score is cause you didn't actually draw them yourself, but it's still good.

Nice uhh... hmm... *ahem*... uhh... yeah.

From the reviews I read I was actually expecting this to be good. I read about alot of people liking the "stink lines", so I was really hoping for a good movie...


This movie totally sucks, sure, nice little joke about main characters being able to go into anyone's house and mess around, but I got that joke from the description! Dude, it's really lame that you use the graphics/sprites from other games, and when you make your own graphics, they look like shit.



Great funny, funny hahaaha!! Takes a dump and takes off!! Luvin it!!


Ha,ha!I liked it!I think the same thing when I play Zelda!