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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

Not bad! Make some more!!!

This was a pretty good movie & it didn't take ages 2 load. It created a gr8 RPG atmosphere & was funny 2.

Gave me a good laugh

I think it was VERY good I gave you a 5 on the vote. I hope you think more stuff like this in the future.


I coulda thought of millions of ways to do that then the one you chose. This one was pretty good, but I think it is shit compared to the MK and Mario ones


This was an awesome movie! The sound was a little glitchy and she never really ripped his... you know! Just watch it!

As awesome as FF Spoof!

I love these types of movies spoofing usual RPG actions. Normally, you'd get shot for entering other people's houses now.