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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

Pretty good!

Though a man in Impa's House in Ocarina of Time stresses that, it's a great movie. That's pretty raunchy during dinner.

Awsome movie.

I never even noticed that he does that until this movie. Link is one nasty bastard

Oh my God that son of a bitch

Hahaha!! Hilarious!! The no-punctuation text boxes made the lines even more hilarious(I cracked up seeing "oh no its that link bastard again"). The sound and SNES graphics are incredibly well done. Even the simple additions like the smell lines and the sniff fit in. Importantly though, it's funny as hell!

Give Link a break. In that game everyone was trying to take his ass out! Just because he saved the princess from the castle...okay, technically he kidnapped her, but she wanted it! Remember in Zelda 1 where if you barged into most people's houses they charged you money for the damn door/bush? Ha!
By the way, for you emulator freaks out there, try playing Zelda: A Link to the Past with SNES9x and use the "SuperEagle" graphics filter. It looks PERFECT! It gives it Shockwave-quality sprites with absolutely no jagged edges and it fits the graphic style perfectly.


This is some nasty sh*t.

this sucked

this is a peice of crap its so short and it sucks