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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"


I like the overall quality of your work! Not only is it mad funny, but i can see that you put effort into it! Another Great Job!



Now THIS is a funny Link cartoon. I think some losers who don't know how to make funny movies should learn from this d00d.

Great, a bit short though

Should make another where Link get's his ass kicked!

Too short

This movie is great but unfortunately it is not long enough, if Link the freeloader was a game I would buy it!


I plan on making my own RPG game that is realistic, where you can make relationships with people in the towns, but you can only get in there house with that houses key, or you could sneek in... but anyway, it will take place in present day, and im using RPG maker 2000 to make it! Great movie by the way!