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Reviews for "A Gift to the Face"


HEADSHOT!!!Enemy down.........Terrorist win!!!

sick dude

i dont mean the animation (t is sick tho!) but a couple pages bacck a kid gave u a bad reiew because hethought thekid was gonna blow santa. he gave u a bad review because a kid didnt blow santa? wats wrong with people on ng man! perverts...dude. anyway, the animation was perfect, not overdone, and perfectly made. i guess i coud be a douchebag and say add some more stuff, but wait a second, im not an asshole. this was great, fn o watch, even if it wasnt really funny, it was still entertaining. oh and anyone who dosnt think this should be on front page, go watch that winnie the poo video. thats been on frontpage for about week. ya. this definiely deserves frontpage.


You made good use of simplicity and pace to make the whole thing seem very cute. Although, you lost a point in the delivery. I mean, it would be awesome, say, if the missile fired melodramatically with snow and fire and huge explosion sounds flying everywhere, or if it didn't fire, much to the viewers' surprise, the whole thing being called "A gift to the face" and all, but instead it was kind of disappointing when it fired. Sorry to so pick at that teensy little problem. Other than that I loved the use of sound effects and the style and such.

Not to be a grinch...

Nice animation, really predictable though. I also don't understand why you felt the need to use sound effects from Mario, some original Christmas-y sounds would have fit nicely.

Anyways, decent job.


I lol'd.