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Reviews for "Tetraform"

Addictive and fun

That was a pretty stylish and original game. Kept me playing for quite a while. It has a very smooth and calm design and some pretty great gameplay. It was also pretty cool to see the earth grow from just a crystal to a full world with trees. Nice and calm. The music choice was also very smart, perfectly fitting for this game.

I like this game.

Simple, entertaining... good way to use up 30 minutes.

10/10 but one small problem...

The achivments are WAY crazy yo! Played the game for a good 40 minutes (public computer...can't stay on it all day...) and didn't get ANY...

Other than that the game was perfect.


nice game it was fun the last boss was a pain though there should be more games like this one!!


Tons of fun! I just wish I wasn't playing this on a laptop. It makes things a little difficult. Either way, It's a great games to test your reflexes with!