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Reviews for "Tetraform"

There are still some bugs...

Overall it was fun. But when I was in fullscreen mode the 'press esc key to exit fullscreen mode' thing was in the middle of the game the entire time... And after I defeated the first boss, the game just froze... :|

a potentially fantastic game with major downfalls

here's a game with great music, good graphics, a cool objective (building a planet), and fun gameplay. unfortunately, the drawbacks are so glaringly outrageous that they outweigh the high notes. i endured the ridiculous drawbacks of this game up to the 11th wave before i closed it and gave up entirely. the lack of a save option, paired with lag beyond belief (even with full screen, low quality, and dim lights) earn this game a 4. what a shame. this could've been a highly addictive, entertaining game. sorry guy, but this is like cleveland sports--high potential, disappointing execution.

too boring

at least at the bieginning, I don't have the nerve to wait for something to happen...

description says instructions in game. where? also how am i supposed to destroy the last ship in a wave?

Looks fun but...

The programmers havn't found a way to fix the super lag yet so i can't even play
Hopefully you guys aren't completely incompetent and can fix the problem or at least figure out what it is

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

dim the lights, enter fullscreen, if that doesnt work then turn down the quality too