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Reviews for "Tetraform"

I bet it would be good but....

It doesnt work after i push play. It goes to the newgrounds, intuition, glaiel advertisement and just freezes


This game is well made and visually pretty creative. That being said, it is virtually impossible to DIE! I got bored at level 16 and decided to crash EVERYTHING that showed up into my planet. I made it through 2 levels and countless enemies before I finally died! The difficulty needs some major tweaking!

one major problem

love the play style but you have created one of the most boring games of all time. the boss wasnt even hard at all. he just fired missles every 15 to 20 seconds which anyone could easily tiurm back on him.

Is there an objective?

You are missing out some stuff to make a game e.g objective, It's in this game it would have been more exciting if you did the following things:
Levels, so during that level there is something you have to do e.g Destroy all spaceships or maybe Destroy the mother ship
Maybe have power ups, to make the gem thing better
Harder enemy's, so like bigger spaceships that can take more damage and deal more damage to other spaceships

the game is pretty boring after wave 11 I got to bored to continue