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Reviews for "Tetraform"

Perhaps a bit on the easy side, but...

I found this game very enjoyable and smartly made.


yeah i only got hit like 2 or 3 times, but i guess that doesnt count as a full planet :( no mountains??? :(

it was really hard to maintain the planet though. i got plenty of clouds and atmosphere....

also I didnt get my completing the game medal, or the beating the game with no continues either... i guess it just didnt load?

its a decent game, but kinda hard and straight forward :/ fun, but not for long.

WTH man...

Great game, but I beat the Final boss, but there was ONE missile that I missed and it hit my planet and I lost >:(


SCORE: 15405
TOTAL: 26260

Too repetative

The game starts pretty actionless, and from then on it's all quite repetitive.
The game as a whole was a pretty good "time waster" game and has a very good idea behind it, but I seem to find that it all just drags on a little...

I dont think it's my type of game, it takes too long to pick up an actual action feel to it. But overall the game was pretty good...