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Reviews for "Tetraform"


it needs a cancel button, other than that it was interesting

It's good.

It's good, it was fun for a while. I got bored at wave 8.


Awesomely fun, one of the greatest games I've played in quite a while on Newgrounds! Keep up the good work and continue to make amazing games like thus again and again, props to you bro. :)

Awesome Game!

Great game and I didn't experience any of the things the other reviewers have been complaining about. I thought the game was a little easy. Did you adjust the difficulty? The medals make it fun to play multiple times. One complaint though. The cursor would go off the screen sometimes and it would take a few seconds for it to reappear in fullscreen mode.

Perfect except for one thing...

there's no save button! That's why i have no idea if i will have to replay the game all over again to wave 13 the next time i play it or if i can rest assured. If the game does save, either add the said button or say so somewhere obvious in the game please.