Reviews for "Tetraform"

two easy badges

oncc3e you get the thats no moon badge
attract that huge spike boss into you then you gert the MY EARS badge.

Welldone :P

it was original fun addictiv(i played it 4 HOURS ON END XD)

if it laggs its either ur pc or ur connection mine was fine on all lvl on all creatures :P

P.P.S rly liked the last boss he was HARD >< had almost a full planet but at the end the only thing left was the crystal

Genuinely awsome

Original, playable, addictive, and above all, FUN!
Even with medals for the metagamer in us all
Great job

Awesome game, too bad I suck at it.

Truly an awesome game, though the concept of defending an earth-like planet against alienships is far from original the gameplay was. Everything was awesome except 2 things.
1. During those huge attacks of missiles, tiny ships etc. it lagged, quite alot.
2. Scrolling the screen to get to the other edge of it made me mad and caused alot of ships kamikazing into the planet.
Except for those things, pure awesomeness, 9/10. -Fedfish

Not bad

It's a good game I must say
Good job