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Reviews for "Tetraform"

So much fun

I really enjoyed this game.... it was addicting! Not hard at all but still great fun! That final boss started pissing me off, though, disappearing dick! Lol. But overall really cool game.


One of the most addicting games I have ever played. This game has amazing graphics combined with excelent gameplay.
The controls are not all that easy, but the overall game makes up for it.

The music fits just right within the game and the sound effects are truly magnificent.
I love the game and it has great concept. The little health you collect almost act as upgrades to aid you in your defence of the enemies.
Great work. I found myself lost in the game. I couldn't have asked for a better game.

Good but with flaws

Its really an nice game with a good spice of originality. The reason I give a 9 and not a 10 is cuz of some flaws that makes this game sometimes annoying and frustrating.
It is not cuz its hard or the controls are. Its frustrating when:

1) theres only one enemy remaining and theres no damn new, at least 1, enemy who you can attract him to. So the only way to destroy it is with the spikes which it wouldnt even give you the green energy.

2)When u target an enemy in one side waiting for spawns and you realize that some are spawning on the other side of the screen. You cant do it or you would just make them crush your planet. I wish there was a cancel hotkey for targetting instead of having to always go back to the ship you targetted and click again to cancel it while on the other side the other ships are partying.

3)One time that I really got frustrated was fighting the second boss. It's cool you cant target him directly with the missiles its fine and challenging but the time he takes between his attacks are way too long. he shoots his missiles you destroy them and your like "doh only the bigass giant missile left". What can I do? I wait for the other missile PATIENTLY while watching the damn missile go around my planet. I'm like "shoot your damn ammo again dammit". But no I didnt have enough time. Its ok I used my spike but man what a damn waste of my spikes. Happened more than once in that fight. It would have been betterif it was shooting a total of 4 missiles insead of 5 overall, so you can attract them 2 to 2.

I wish you could have maybe another way to destroy the ennemies to help you destroy one remaining thing like maybe a laser gun or something (unlimited or even maybe limited ammo but easily got) which can be really weak but at least help you save ur spikes for more important reasons. Besides, it will just make more interactions instead of waiting for a spawn or something.

I made a big review cuz its a good idea of game. I still hope you make a sequel with improvement!


100/10 1000/100 10000/1000
Awesome! Way to go on putting a cool spin on the classic upgrading feature,
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! One of the best games on Newgrounds!

One little thing; I wish there was a pause feature, so I could take a break every now and then.

Straight out fun.

I played for four hours stright lol.