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Reviews for "Tetraform"


i didnt stop for anything! this game is awesome but its easy i came close to losing once

Almost Perfection

This has to be one of THE best games I have ever played. It's long enough to get you wrapped up into beating it, yet short enough not to get boring. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is unique, and almost everything is the way a good game should be. One small, minor inconvenience, lack of a pause button. (If there was one, I couldn't find it.) This game truly deserves every vote, and every (good) review.


Of course the game gets Medals added AFTER I beat the game...

no but seriously I had alot of fun, and it was a really unique game.


Good and hard

The 2 things a great game should be.


Awesome game 5 and 10 but i seriously dicked on this game without continuing even fufilled most of the medals and got NONE! im upset deeply but not angry.. Still awesome game dude.