Reviews for "Enter the Minecraft"

Hey Mr. "OverlordRun"...did you know Newgrounds doesn't have a comment section?

Well anyway, you get into the beat right at the start with this rythm synth quite fast. Yea, the minecraft theme IS damn relaxing and you managed to bring these relaxed sounds back into your song with the bell-like sounds that pop in at 33 seconds. Oh and going into the nether at 1:35? ;)
The drums are perfect for this project! In combination with the main synth they keep it rollin'. The end couldn't be better. Starting with a melody from minecraft and changing it the way you need it - very smooth.

Good work on this one!
Keep it up.


Only if it was on Grooveshark...

Cool stuff ;)

love it when it pops its funny other than tht...dis...is.... BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronni22 - The Matrix