Reviews for "Cat Face ep.15"

Cute again

lol somany cute moments in this one I love the colorfull and vibrant element of this, this particular episode was longer then normal and thats a good thing so nice job indeed here on this one very funny entry aswell so nice job all the way around.

no changes this time.


im not bald!

(looks at the author's comments) oh it's okay. we all make mistakes sometimes. also why is this 2nd place? well, at least it's better than nothing. and this is quite creative and funny. i like it.

It was all like:
Silly Box Cat
Hey kids-wait, what did he just say?!
Silly Cat Face
Oh it is my turn now eh? Hey kids, always cover up for the summer sun, because you don't have the lovely protective fur like mine, baldy.

The Silly BOX CAT, not Silly Cat Face, was so funny!

This beat the last one I said was funniest;

Silly Boxcat
"And remember keeds-wait-what did he say? Should I even be in this box?"
Silly Catface
"Oh, so now it's my turn, eh? And remember keeds(something about sun and summer and such)because of my protective fur... Baldy"