Reviews for "Cat Face ep.15"

My hair is longer than most womens! Baldy, PSH!

At any rate, this was probably the funniest of the series. Great puns, love the typical lolcats language, and you managed to veer from vulgarity (quite different from the typical potty humor Cat Face is usually accompanied by). Boxcat is gray? I guess we're all one step closer to finding out what that cat looks like...

nice :D

This Vioce <3 :D I love this cat xD Very Funny =) Nice work


you don't have the protective fur like me ... baldy


It might come in handy?! That better not be a pun.


I love your animation and voice acting.
"Silly boxcat,Remeber kids do-hey wait?"
That was funny.I love your humor.You Weebl,have the talents you know?
Silly cat face.