Reviews for "Cat Face ep.15"

Cat Face

Probably on of my favorite series on Newgrounds. He has a lot about him that makes him very entertaining. Such as his accent. I can't help but laugh at how funny and clever his words are. They seem all correct, and he seems to have the mood of it to.

You're doing great, and I hope to see more episodes later on.

The cutest

One of the cutest series of Newgrounds. And i think after all the Madness Flashes and everything else that Newgrounds endures, we really need this every now and then :D Great Job :).

Baldy huh?

My cat was staring at it the whole time.

did cat face just call me baldy? O .O

wow. if he said that to my dad cat face would be more like faceless cat xD
BTW best one yet. i see you spat out this and the other one very quickly. or it was the other one and the one after that. i was looking at the new arrivals when i saw them :D i was soo happy that they were finaly out :'D

Adult Swim

get these on adult swim or something... Hulu? something that will make you money, these are as good as any other cartoon.