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Reviews for "A Trip To The Future"

Its like a cellphone commercial But Its cool

djahmusic responds:

Neh, never intend to do such as commercials xD
But thank you :)

My, what a beautiful piece of work you have here.
I can't really describe it as anything but pure beauty.
Simply amazing, keep doing what you're doing, because you do it well.

djahmusic responds:

Thank you so much :D

Mind if I use this for the intro to my new youtube series?

djahmusic responds:

if you give me the full credit then its ok =)

Has a great tune, but doesn't fall into the trap of overdoing it. YES!

djahmusic responds:


True to it's genre, definitely, as it is good for letting go of your worries and such. Now, I cannot say that I really enjoyed this piece; probably because of the repetition. I won't deny that the composition is good; I'm just saying that I don't enjoy it personally.

djahmusic responds:

Its ok lol hehe :)