Reviews for "Zelda's Ruby Target"

wasnt too bad

you spelt "again" wrong

It's okay

It's not bad. Kind of repetitive, and yes, it is pretty simple. The main thing that bugged me was that the time wasn't in seconds or minutes or anything, it was in... I don't really know what it was.

Shadoan responds:

It was my first game that was made years ago, my only teacher was the tuts on NG and there wasn't a thing on timers. So I tried my best to make a simple one.


This is a pretty boring game. It lasts a long time and all you do is shoot at the same things throughout the game.

Its Playable

Assuming you have any serious intent to look at this game and see how you can improve it, I have some likely useless ideas. The major issue is that there is really no reason not to just spam the fire button, especially since there is no "reload" or limited ammunition. Another issue is that it is simply too much difference between the empty gems, which give several hundred points, and the other gems, giving between 5-20. As a result, you can simply focus on the empty gems and get a reasonable high score. The graphics are functional, but drab. Perhaps a shatter animation, or something so that the player can see they are hitting a target otherwise it becomes boring and confusing once you start having a large amount of gems. There is also no real reason, other than to draw attention (perhaps misleadingly), to include the Zelda name. There is no tie and shooting gems is too generic to make any connection with Zelda, unless I am mistaken. I also don't really see much of a point to this game, even though it is playable and there aren't any bugs. Its not that much of a distraction and its not that fun, honestly, but I wish you the best of luck on your next project.

I know this is 2-3 years old and placed here for the heck of it, but hopefully you can get back to this and make this into something awesome.

Shadoan responds:

Maybe, Maybe not. I may not update it.
Depends on what I can figure out and learn in a short time.


kinda fun and a good try at a game. good job