Reviews for "EnV - Sanctuary"

Humanity has long since reached the stars, and we found some other species, all with their own quirks and particular skills. There were the Sokarians, a peaceful race that could communicate with any other species. Trilonians, scientific geniuses who used their natural aptitude in science to assist Humanity's jump to space travel. There was also the Verrunians, a species that accidentally destroyed their home planet due to their fascination with war. In this galactic community, humanity were the group that brought to the table abilities that no other race had, a natural perseverance in hostile environments, and a body structure much stronger than that of any other race. They were sent as advance teams to colonize worlds, and humanity became a power on equal scale to any other group in the Galactic community.

I would've written more, but I like to let the people imagine possibilities. The song is upbeat, as per normal Envy style, and is certainly kickass, I am rarely disappointed by your skill in writing songs. Keep being the Envy Newgrounds has come to love.

Your friendly (and insane) reviewer, Cafaling

.. it wasn't "EnV" enough for me :/

it just didnt have that envness that was so .. just... EnV... XD
JK, this song is a masterpeice!

Am I the only person who thought it said 'sexual' and not 'sanctuary' at 1:25 the first time I listened to it?

Envy responds:

Maybe it did :3

In love with this!

All of your songs need a 6/5, wait no, ∞/5! XD

I love all of them is what i mean, espesially FireFrost, Paladin, and Cellular :D