Reviews for "EnV - Sanctuary"

I personally believe this is one of your top 10 finest tracks, however, Showtime is #1 and it is a demo as of now. Release the whole song, make us happy!

great song whoever says otherwise is a. RETARD!

Sounds more along the lines of house, especially at the end. I still feel like the drums could be a bit louder, but that's just me. I love the stereo effects on some of the breaks though, stellar job.

I think what people mean about this song not being EnV enough is not having that complete avicii feel, this is like a mix of deadmau and avicii, if that makes sense. Love the house feeling though, and the punchy drums at the end are very nice.

I, however, like the continual fade of each part of the drums and instruments, it just sounds more professional. Also, experiment with different genres, it's a good way to spice up your production, trust me ;)

Good tune there, cheers.



Great song :D i love it! just not feeling the intro/outro :/

.. it wasn't "EnV" enough for me :/

it just didnt have that envness that was so .. just... EnV... XD
JK, this song is a masterpeice!