Reviews for "EnV - Sanctuary"

Hello my dear friend! I must say that the intro is actually awesome! It really transfers into the track well and sets up the mood for the track. How are all your songs so catchy!? How many melodies are in your beautiful mind? I'm in awe. This track is sick. Transitions are just perect. The only thing I would say is that the "low" parts should be a little lower in volume compared to the chorus, just to give a little more contrast to the song and make the build up that much better.

Awesome track. Awesome artist.
Your dear Maine friend,

Boom boom boom boom boom boom. I TOATS agree with roadguy5 Love how u did the intro and then expanded the song to an awesomely intense song 5/5 like always mah man!

Just... wow... this is why you are my favorite artist!

Envy responds:

I aim to please <3

This is great, I liked how it started out nice and serene and then it just naturally expanded into more intense sounds. Loved the whole song.
I always wonder what goes on in a musicians head when they are making pieces like this; if it is all planned out or if they make it up as they go along.

Envy responds:

For me I have a basic idea of what I want to do and then I mold it as I go. Sometimes you'll find that an idea isn't as good as it sounds in your head :3