Reviews for "EnV - Sanctuary"

Love it

Either it's PN Ibiza or PN Netherworlds from Nexus. You seem to like it alot, I can hear it in many of your songs. ;)
It's a good thing that you created a worthy intro + outro for this song, makes it more complete than some of your other projects.

I like the gliding synth line coming in at 1:33 and of course the chill part, you're good at these.
You get really hyped with this silent kick going on and can't wait for the continuation.
And of course a nice outro. Maybe you should do more of these. Keep the WIPs for yourself and blow us away with a completely new melody. :)



Mindblowing. No further explanation needed.

You are juste the best in the whole newgrounds population!

Loved the build up from quiet to the really loud bouncy melody part. I'm head bobbing as I type this