Reviews for "Weird Al's Lasagna"

great, original and addicting!

your animation is awesome, ESPECIALLY your mouth movements, with some weird al thrown in you get a 9!


I've seen this thousand of times, this is just great, precisely what a Weird Al's song needs, a great and funny vid/animation!!

Really, conggrats and thanx for the laughs ;)

PD: i love the AARGHHHH ARRGH AAAAAAAAAAARGH (the gargle thing part)

umm sorta nice

you know i got some lols but its just overall at some parts uninteresting you could spice it up a bit but quite good keep it up! 8/10 4/5


Es fantástico, lo habré visto ya como unas 6 veces :D
Very funny version of the song, love it =) And the animation made me laugh out of loud, is well-animated and the senseless situation is so funny... Bien hecho!

Para bailar la bamba...

...se necesita una poca de gracia.
It has been a while since I heard that song. Nice job remixing it. The animation was well done and the hysteria and randomness of the singer made this funny enough to be worth watching at least once.

Jectoons responds:

Music by Weird Al, pal. Thanks for your thoughts! :D