Reviews for "Weird Al's Lasagna"

ok, don't get to exited... but

it was actually damned good, exept of the undeniable fact, that some of the things were yust too random, but i like what you have made, it's a typical al joke to make fun of songs, and it's la'bamba he's joking with this time, animation went smooth, but maybe a little to slow, try do it faster next time, keep up working and improving your abilitys, and i'm sure you will become a nice creator


Viejo,eso estuvo genial,sigue con el raro Al y alcanzaras la fama "Niugraundera",
te doy un 10.


not good tats just it...

I am a huge fan of werid al yankovic!

I love this song a lot. I do like how you match the song with the animation. I am not a huge fan of lasagna I am more of a pizza man myself. You planing to do any more werid al songs? Can't wait too see more and Merry Christmas!


its kinda just like lol wat? and it doesnt make alot of sense but its quite enjoyable i give it an 8