Reviews for "Weird Al's Lasagna"


I really liked it. I only have one gripe though. Why is the chef black? You'd think with all the Italian expressions and names in the lyrics, you'd think you would make the chef an Italian guy. Doesn't make much sense.

Jectoons responds:

There was once this dude who travelled from Africa to Italia. He met a young lady whom he fell in love with. 9 months later the chef in this animation was born in Italia. Any questions?

sweet music

Luigi really freaked me out with those black eyes, but the song was catchy.

Just great.

The lasagna was great. The music was good. The expression on the characters faces were great. The animation was smooth and it had a good sequence of events. was not too random.


Me encanta el plano de Luigi Cuando tiene la cara ... ... Lo ... ¿Qué estoy diciendo? -.0 and yes I am English!


this is hilarious la bamba