Reviews for "The town that lies between"

Very spooky! I'd love hearing this in a game, I think it would fit certain ambiances nicely. I think the emotion here is very much uncertainty mixed with an undertone of anxiety.

Don't worry if this isn't used by developers/animators; making music has instantaneous pay off in that when a piece is complete, you feel prideful and it only takes one person to have enjoyed listening to it for your hard work to mean something.

Genclops responds:

Mucho appreciation for the review and philosophy. Glad you are experiencing the intended effects. Hopefully someone will pick this up.

Reminds me of the old Ghost Tower in Pokemon. I always hated that place, but I did love the music used in it though. Specifically the theme in Sapphire/Ruby.


Genclops responds:

Thank-you, Junichi Masuda's work is a big inspiration for me

I knew it, i just knew you had to have made the track in asslevania, i recogniced your style :P
Beats me why i wasnt asked though, i love projects like these. Ohwell.

Thumbs up, its very enjoyable in that game.

Genclops responds:

Thanks, he used one of my oldest tracks - I didn't compose a new one for him. Very happy you enjoyed it in the game!

das good man

This sounds like it belongs in Shovel Knight
A perfect 10 in my book

Genclops responds:

Thanks a ton! Please check out my other work - hope you find some more stuff you connect with!