Reviews for "Drag Me to Despair ~P~"

Fantastic, Even though I haven't played the game, i felt a conection to the main character, as if his grief was my own. Bravo sir, Bravo

Took me about 80 days. Was so startled by the last screen I accidentally skipped over it, making me redo it in about 30 to see what I missed. A very interesting and filling message.


BEAutiful! another great piece halcy!

Spot on Phyrnna. The fun part of the song kinda ends at 0:49. But that is necessary for a short track.

Have you ever thought of making songs for movies or television shows? Because you are certainly have talent. Or you are really good at pushing buttons.

I'm going with the talent theory though. :)

Simply beautiful! I'm a sucker for classical strings and piano. And the loop is seamless.

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