Reviews for "407"


this will get front page it is great need 5.00 / 5.00


great way to express... nice pics, and good music

It worked!

Quality work.

Well put together.

I actually did NOT need a walk through!

Yeah for me!


Short but sweet

Not really much to this game, but the artwork is beautifully done and cleverly used to create a very interesting experience. If there is more artwork forthcoming then it would be cool to see a longer, more involving game in future.

Nomad13 responds:

Thanks for the reviews! Yeah I'm definitely planning on making a much more dynamic and longer game soon. This project was more a learning course in flash and utilizing the artwork people had given me.

good mood

i liked the art and the idea. as a fan of the point-and-click puzzle games im satisfied with the work. do more stuff like this and youll go far.