Reviews for "407"

good but

it needs to be longer and have a story plot on the other hand it was good graphics good music and kinda spooky what does 407 mean anyway?

Very beautiful, too short.

Nice graphics, nice musics,
But there is no game, no logic, it's just a promenade.

Next time, as you've got a gool feeling for strange world, try to imagine a adventure with more way to interact, and add also some part like difficult escape game in your next flash game, and it will be perfect.

Nomad13 responds:

Thanks for the comments, yeah I'm already working on a very deep shooter/platform adventure with some gorgeous artwork. It will definitely be much longer.

I Understand

I understand that it is your first game so I'm giving you a 5/10. It is too short and kind of obvious what you are supposed to do.