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Reviews for "Thomas the elf"

much lols

i dunno, it just hit me as funny.

......omg, so disturbing...

i didn't need to see santa like that... it makes me believe that santa isn't real.

peixeaquatico responds:

thanks man

funny, but not real funny

the story is fine, and the graphic is decent, but I don't really like the story. no offense for the author though. :)

and yes, like consensus said, you did a great job in telling the story without any dialog on your story. :)

peixeaquatico responds:

yes ...



Wierd but still pretty good, nice imagery. No voices though oh well, good video!

peixeaquatico responds:

good review


I got a feeling you put the blow-up doll in there to make this an 'M' movie just because people would rather watch a 'M' movie than an 'E' movie. Still, great job!