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Reviews for "Thomas the elf"

loved it gave it a 10...

hey what program do i use to make stuff like this anyway? i have been searching for that info for quite a while now.

overall and elsewise it was a great and funny video, gave it a 10 star

good story line

That was very good, and the animation was great. Bit of a pity that santa is gay. I wondered why he would always give me girl clothes for christmas.

Keep up the good work.
Next time make the elf talk or have something different than only background music.

I LOL'd at this

I LOVE THE SQUIRREL! and how the ships control is a playstation controller. lol, and i dont get the blowup doll, but ok.

very random, but very GOOD random.


Wow Santas sexy,lol,hes got friken tits lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was awesome !!@$%

hahaha the squirrel ownz xD