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Reviews for "Thomas the elf"

... why

I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this chaotic mess. Part of me wants to punch my eyes in. Part of me wants to grin and go make popcorn. Yet I sit here now, with this mildly tired look on my face, unable to do little more than consider how I feel about that. It's just not right. I don't mean the video. Still debating that. But the fact I don't know what to say or feel in response. You've fully disturbed me in a way most entertaining. Yet I don't know if that's good.

you get the point. your turn to figure out this shit.

I couldn't help but laugh.

A very good animation. I laughed through almost the whole thing. The only part that I couldn't really take was the end. I am still disturbed as of now.

But it's a decent flash.


the beginning was funny but the ending was gay.


funny but like GeneralJ the blowup doll was a little weird

Well Then...

The blowup doll was just weird, but the thing with Santa more than makes up for it.