Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"

i think i know the plot

it's probebly about a hippy who would like to help nature as much as possible and a business man who ruins EVERYTHING the hippy would care about by destroying it or so on and the hippy eventually strikes but the business man throws a book at him and then the pencil a.k.a captainmcross lights the new house on fire and makes it rain on the hippy's tent and the business man lets the hippy come in to his house to settle it (although, the fire the pencil drew went to the house lol)

did they become gay??

that was werid. my fav part is when the Hippie Goes nonohnoooh! and then he throws a book at him. i laughed my ass off.

Another excellent pencilamtion

Great work, man.

This makes me wish i had flash.


go nature!!kill everyone!!

awww so sweet

OH, never mind!