Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"


I love the ending where the fire catches good work with all the other ones aswell!

Save the planet...

Its the only planet with chocolate :D


Awesome line up man, keep them coming, have ran through them about 4 times now.

@ gohangokusansan: Racism- "hatred or intolerance of another race or other races." Hm, so hippies are a entirely different race? So, yeah fail there and the fact that pointless begging for votes on your comment are just going to lead to a lot of minus. Regardless of what people thing

this is kinda racist

i love pencilmation but hippies are cool and the business man trys to KIll the hippie? its kinda gone to far though plz dont think this is a ussless reveiw press the plus if u like or used to be a hippe or are a hippie and press the minus if u dislike hippies. i love this series though make more or a 15th

Hooray fro the destruction of the environment !

Yeah, fuck the hippies!