Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"

Not the best of yours

The ending seemed kinda gay. two guys living under the same roof. I mean think about it. sorry but thats just the way i took it. the only thing i liked about was how the fire just starts again out of no where. and im not discriminating against gays but i didnt like this video


PLZ READ PLZ READ!! ok i don't Actually Blame Hippie's Just because they want Peace..But they really Cross The line, i mean like Seriuosly...did'nt u see how Angry was that Hippie when he saw that Guy Have a house and a building? i don't think that Hippie's want us to live Perfect in a real House, they want Us to live in the woods in a camp? with bears and Animal's? if it winter how are we Gonna get Worm? we need a tree wood DUH! and beside they look stupid and hairy!

And they burned happily ever after.

LOL funny. Must see.


its really good. the animation, the sounds and the story. ps i arely give above an 8.


Cool animations. Always draws a smile across your face.