Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"

Ha Ha Ha!!!

The house is burnt

Grim shutup!

You got it completly wrong Hippies do want peice and he was angry because he was building things he dosnt need.Hippies do have shelter but its more basic they have tents and also if we were closer to nature we would be able to befriend lion bear and tigers its true my friends dad is a hippie.War is caused by greed and greed is caused by money and money is caused by business people.10/10 5/5 Hippies are a little basic but id rather be a hippie than a business man any day.Business war pulution is created by business men therefor they suck.

I see, "PFFFF" now i'm ready for New Grounds "HAYO

I just can't get over you're little Flashes man, there just so dam inviting with there simple style yet realy inviting charcters that seem so alive. You have a talent my freind and it is not unoticed, this one hit's me close to home as I fell the same way about the indrustry. i think Scottorego said it best "Don't live to large, and don't live like an ape." 10/10 and S you forgot a nother message alway's make an investment in smoke dectors and exstingushers.


My favorite of the Pencilmation series! This episode really sends a message; don't live too large, and don't live like an ape. Oh! And be kind to thy'n neighbor, even if he is a hippie...like my uncle Franado. :P



Go to hell.