Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"


Not the best of your work, but it was great.

Have you ever chopped down a tree?

The way that businessman chopped the tree would have made it fall in the opposite direction. This simple flaw pisses me off and because of it im only going to give you a five out of five. Fuck ass...do your research, damn it.

ehrm well

It was good better than 9 and 10 but the end where the 2 guys went into the house and it became sold To not like make anyone think im perverse or anything but that was kinda wrong in like all sense of wrong


Great. But I have to say that the guy below me is right, and wrong. He's also a space hogger. >: (


First let me start by apologizing for my following statement. Sorry.
Now, I've followed you since your first couple of episodes and enjoyed the fact that the pencil was like a "god" of some sort, designing their lives. This was more of a message than a regular cartoon. The pencil only showed up about 3-4 times, and didn't even have that distinct attitude it usually carries. It was a lifeless stick. Where you could have at least drawn the house, instead you use some sort of random bulldozer to push it in already built. Also, the color of the shirts were a little weird because your cartoons usually only have a black and white feel which makes it feel more hand drawn, and that's what I, and many others, enjoy. I love your work, but this is probably the worst you've done. You're probably running out of ideas. If you are, don't force yourself to make a cartoon. I'd rather have a cartoon from you that you made on your own time with fun, then a cartoon you forced yourself to do. Forced cartoons are horrible mostly because the writer themselves didn't enjoy it, so why should we?
I love your work. I think it's funny and creative, and I've commented on I believe all of them, with useful information. The color of the paper: I get that you're trying to act like it's random pieces of paper the guy finds and decides to draw cartoons, but I simply don't like it. The regular notebook paper is pretty cool. I also sort of like the blue paper.
The main point to take from this post is that the pencil had nothing to do with the story like it usually does. You decided to put some sort of message in there rather than an entertaining, pencil induced, funny, animation on paper, AKA Pencilmation.