Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"


Lol they died anyway at the end.

Why are people calling this gay? They settled their differences and became friends!

Jeez, some people, huh?

They're not gay

For all the people calling them gay they're not, they just become room mates or something at the end. Great animation btw the first one i saw was 10 which i loved.


how do you people see that as gay? if you actually think about it that is an outreach for people to come to their differences and agree on something. ross i love all of your works. and i think this is an amazing way to finish it off, but i wish it didn't have to end...

As usual, very nice.

Interesting choice of music. Like the fireballs in the end.

You are very good at what you do. I have not been disappointed by anything you have done so far.


the bit at the end makes me think GAY