Reviews for "Pencilmation 11"

Great as aways.

U know pencilmation is getting a little bit random now o.o, i wish the guy from 1 and 2 came back >:S.

arnt you going to bring back the guy

arnt you going to bring theguy from episodes 1 and 2 you know that that i want to see him fight the marker

My first pencilmation

First one i ever saw, GREAT sudle coloring, really funny. Made me laugh hard at the end specially. Nice no talking but sound, I like the music but it didnt realy fit in I'd say. other then that its great keep up the good work

Great pencilmation

Another great pencilmation :d
Love the ending , and love how simple everything is drawn , makes it look great.
Keep em comin.

In episode 10 you asked for feedback

I have a suggestion for a new episode,
in episode 10 you changed up the scene and added more background e.g. the water and platform for fishing which adds to the story, how about in your next episode or many more, you play with different backgrounds to see what stories come alive. For example, Clouds- birds, weather conditions, space. Jungle-wild animals, many diff. insects, Ice plains or mountain alps- billy goats snow leopards, polar bears, downtown SF homeless, businessmen and business woman, crazy things happening on public transportation. There's so many great things to choose from. Good Luck and still a fan. : )