Reviews for "Cat Vader"


it's rarely a flash can achieve this but this however was brilliant!!
cat animation near perfect backgrounds not quite as good but yet pretty good
voice acting was good for the cat however the same heavy breathing loop sort of ruined bits of it as it kept going even when he was talking
however i'm just nitpicking
reminds me of simons cat (youtube it if you haven't seen although i suspect you have :) ) somewhat

keep it up

koit responds:

Actually yes, Claire showed me a couple of those simons cat things whilst I was busy doing the animation. She likes cats.

Glad you liked it.


"I find your lack of life distrubing!" LOLZ! Nice!

*Does the force-chock on Silverwhitefang*

I find your lack of patience disturbing.

Maybe you missed the signpost where it said "Star Wars Parody" or that it was to be a Vader-joke. You can't have Vader without the breathing noises. That's a package deal. Complaining about it is like ordering stir-fry and then saying you don't like vegetables. It's all part of the taste. Don't blame the artist for sticking to the script.

*Releases him...for now*

I found this rather amusing. A cat with a Vader helmet is downright silly, and the way it's played was good for both the cat and Vader aspects of it. At the food scene, all I could think was "How would he eat, anyway?". The dog-barking scene was particularly hilarious.

That aside, I'm forced to think of my cat, a black Bombay cat. Name: Kit. You are now making me think of her talking to David Hasslehoff, and it is ridiculous. Kudos for that, even though you didn't intend it.


...I SAW THEM!!!!!" so AWESOMME!!!!!!=]

Its is brillient

May not be to impress people whith humor but the animation is great and if it were real I'm sure thats how Cat Vader would act like. Good Job.

PS: Stop it, stop it right meow! love saying that.