Reviews for "Cat Vader"

Cats + Darth Vader = AWSOME

If Darth Vader, or any sith for that matter, were turned into any animal, it would be an ordinary farm cat, preferably black X) Selfish, sadistic powerhungurers with bad breath and a fondness for yarn :)

Its is brillient

May not be to impress people whith humor but the animation is great and if it were real I'm sure thats how Cat Vader would act like. Good Job.

PS: Stop it, stop it right meow! love saying that.


Not the best story, pretty random but still good =P


Really wonder what went to your mind while you were making this?

eh could have been better

It wasn't that funny but the animation was good I mostly found it boring. You should have done the part where he is on the operating table and the sith lord tells him about padme