Reviews for "Cat Vader"

Darth Awesome

I loved the light saber tail!!!

good but..

The breathing the whole time upset everything else. >>


This video was ok; definitely picked up in the second half, though the first half I was a little disappointed by. However, I watched the sequel and though it was hilarious (I actually the second one first, which might be why I didn't find this quite as good). Anyway, I'm glad you decided to make another. Quite amusing. Quite amusing, indeed.

Chinky ramble

I watched this and didn't laugh at all. Not even a twitch in the facial region. I'm really blazed and I'm sure this film is the product of a chinky conversation/imagination but, to be honest I was glad when it ended. It was a decent idea I just didnt really feel it and every sentence ended staring at that cat for a couple secs. If the cat did some wierd ass shit like cats do with a vader spin to it I might've laughed. The animating doesn't look bad it just seems like it's slacking. Everyone else loved it. Maybe my sense of humor is broken? Maybe I smoked myself retarded? idk I will watch cat vader 2 just to make sure
Sorry about the novel....I'm baked.


Lightsaber tail is awesome!