Reviews for "Cat Vader"


Vader the Cat! XD I never woulda thought to name a black cat Vader, even though I'm a huge fan of Star Wars...(Lightsabres! Yay!)...you show great originality with your idea. That's the kind of thing we love on Newgrounds!


that was hilarious!!! and dont listen to MasoKnight.


honestly nothing to write home about it had me soo bord. i was hoping for more seeing the 10 out of 10's but i was just siting there. quitely. not laughing i mean i gett all the jokes and the animation was ok but puting darth vaders head on a cats body is kind of pitching a tent in lame teratory.
() ok animation
()isn't pushing any comedic boundarys
() same same jokes
()waste of downloads

The power of the Prrrrr :D

Loved it and for some some reason reason i could stop smiling since i saw 'Cat Vader' right at the begging, Loved it 10/10

Very well

From an animation point of view, we have seen better on NG, but i still give it
a max score cause i have not laughed so much from a flash in a long time
(i guess i'm tired of egoraptor style flash and cock jokes).

A must see for SW fans indeed.